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The place where your grandparents would meet each other since 1829...

‘Banketbakkerij en lunchroom’ is a unique family business.

The business has a long history and that can be seen from the outside as well as the inside of the building.

The history of the bakery dates back to 1771 when Jacobus Snijers came to Leiden via Noord-Brabant from France. As a tobacco merchant and trader in colonial goods, he decided to buy a shop on Haarlemmerstraat and called it ‘De Blauwe Arend’. In 1829 he began a confectionery shop and bakery on Botermarkt 15 with his son, Adrianus, who took over the shop in 1841. His son Petrus took over the bakery in 1870 and he is responsible for the artfully carved teak facade. He had the facade commissioned by two Flemish artists for the then very high price of 1500 guilders. Petrus’ son Henricus, the owner since 1924, discovered that visitors of the Saturday market enjoyed to catch up with friends and a cup of coffee or tea. Also, the farmers, who came up with their cheese always came to the bakery too. Henricus created the ‘goede kamer’, the Sunday room at the front of the shop with tables and chairs.

Because of the growing clientele, he decided to also use the back room in 1946. It was also in 1946 that Joop Snijers took over the business from his father and renovated the two rooms into the lunchroom as it still is today. After 23 years, the baton was passed onto the sixth generation, his sons Harry and Hans, in 1987. Today Harry, his wife Dorine and their son Bob run the business and prepare the cup of coffee with pastries, a fresh sandwich or a full lunch meal. ‘Banketbakkerij en lunchroom Snijers’ is the oldest family business in Leiden. Since 1829, this seven-generation family business is located in the centre of Leiden. This is an old Dutch bakery with a cosy adjoining lunchroom and a terrace located by and on the water as well as by the cosy Wednesday and Saturday market. Here, you can enjoy a nice cup of coffee, a choice of over fifteen types of pastries, luxury sandwiches, fried eggs, pancakes and fresh salads. You are also at the right address if you are Dutch souvenirs.

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Botermarkt 15,
2311 EM Leiden

071-512 2583

Maandag: gesloten
Di. t/m vrij: 8:30-17:30
Zaterdag: 7:30-17:00
Zondag: 9:00-17:30

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